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Cornish Pasty Lunch at the British Gala.


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The Cornish pasties take about 35 minutes to cook properly, and thats really the only way to have them presented to you. In a microwave is fine, but they taste much better from the conventional oven.
This is why we need to know who wants to reserve a pasty lunch.
If you reserve a Cornish pasty lunch you'll have your name on the lunch list which will be at the Brits International tables as you walk in. Please let us know when you arrive at the gala, so we can pop your lunch in the oven. 
Take a look around the gala whilst your lunch gets cooked, and we'll either find you, or call you when it's ready.
With the lunch you'll receive a 15ounce traditional Cornish pasty, and a spot of coleslaw.
The Traditional pasties ingredients are: Large Traditional Pasty 15oz Beef, Pork, Potato & Onion wrapped in a buttery crust..
Veggie pasty ingredients are: Veggie & Cheese Pasty 8oz Five veggies, potato, green beans, carrots, onions,green pepper wrapped in a buttery crust.
A cuppa tea (PG Tips), or a bottle of water will be available at extra charge from Corner Tea at the gala.
Please provide the following information below in order to reserve.
We have a limited number of pasties available for the event, so please make sure  to reserve yours while they last.
If you would prefer to pay at the door rather than pay now then please add your order to the basket, go to the checkout, and choose to pay for your pasty via the postal order form.
Your pasty will then be reserved, and we'll expect to see you at the chosen time you've reserved your delicious Cornish pasty for.
Cornish pasty lunches will be served between 11am-2pm.
Cornish pasty lunches are $10 each.
Feel free to call if you have any questions, or problems using the website: 816 600 7276 - Ray.

Product Code: BGKC-CP

Manufacturer: Brits International